Aktuell betreute Arbeiten

Masterarbeit/Master Thesis

Design and Implementation of a Data Pipeline to Prepare Machine Sensor and Wafer Measurement Data of a CVD Process for Machine Learning Applications

Building of Conversational Agents using Goal-oriented Dialog Managers

Bachelor Arbeit/Bachelor thesis

Forschungsprojekte/Research Projects

Generating Common Voice Acoustic Models for Pocket Sphinx

Intelligent LSF-Answering-System – Room Booking Service - An Alexa Skill

Entwicklung eines autarken Stromversogungkonzeptes für den Feinstaubsensor.info Sensor

Entwicklung einer automatischen Speicherschnittstelle für den Offline-Betrieb des Feinstaubsensor.info Sensors

Comparison of the recognition performance of different speech-recognition APIs on different speech sources

Non-Technical Projects

Overview of noise-reduction techniques for UAVs (a.k.a. silent drones)

Overview of Analysis-Synthesis Techniques for speech processing

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